this in-between time

cheery picking 045

"I dwell in Possibility". -- Emily Dickinson

How does it happen that its June already? It seems as though I just celebrated the New Year, wrote my intentions on a piece of paper, then taped it on my journal. I'm looking at my list now and I am nowhere near accomplishing half of them.

Last week, one of my schools had a year-end musical and the students sang all songs by The Beatles. It was great. I was so touched when I heard the first notes of the song Imagine, watching our 8th graders all dressed up, strumming their guitars and looking all serious up on stage. I know they can be a pain sometimes, but for the most part, they are really good kids and I am so proud of them. Their hearts are in the right place.

By the end of summer, 3 of my friends will leave to teach English abroad for a year or two. Its funny how everyone I know are moving somewhere these days. I'm excited for them, having the courage to make a decision that will ultimately change the course of your life is very liberating, but at the same time, I can't help but feel sad since I'm the one left behind. Ah, I guess I will just have to visit them then. (Spain, Japan, and Korea doesn't sound too bad, eh?)

Today, its so cold and gray here. I'm nursing a cup of green tea and eating oatmeal with cocoa and lots of berries. I have no big plans for the summer yet. How about you?


  1. Oh, I have lists and lists of summer goals every summer and rarely come close to finishing them - I lose the lists mostly!

    Spain, Korea and Japan sound amazing - on the bright side if you go and visit, you will have seen all three ;)

  2. I have a list that's I'm working on too! But it's more of a list of things I want to do sometime in my life...and there's still tons that need to be checked off!

  3. siubhan, yes indeed. all those places are in my dream places to visit. now, i need to start saving for my travel fund. :)

    marshmallow dreams, i hear you. but i guess that's the beauty of it all. we need to have something to work towards, right? :)