at the corner café


Hello everyone! I can't believe its already Wednesday, what a busy week I'm having. I think the 4th of July festivities threw me off a bit and now I'm playing catch up.

Today my co-worker Livia and I walked to my neighborhood coffee shop to work on reports when I saw that there were a lot of cameras and beautiful people everywhere. For a second I thought I was in the wrong cafe, eventhough its the same one that I've been going to regularly since I moved to this city. Funny how so much prettiness can do that to you.

Anyhow, we soon found out that they are filming the pilot episode for a series about a group of young professionals and their life in the Silicon Valley. One of the producers actually talked to us and explained the concept of the show as well as the script. I don't think I'm allowed to share anything about the show yet but it sounded so fascinating to me and for a moment I started daydreaming of writing my own screenplay. Does this ever happen to you, when you are in the midst of something so out of the ordinary that you start to wonder what its like to be a part of it?

And then it was over and the film crew packed up to shoot somewhere else in the city. The cafe was quiet and back to its normal routine again. It was kinda surreal, like having a glimpse of an alternate world and then going back to the real one. And definitely brought excitement to my otherwise monotonous work week.

Speaking of films, I want to thank you all for your thoughts on my previous post about Jane Eyre. Your comments really make my day. Many, many thanks! xo

(Photo taken at H cafe, corner of 17th and Sanchez Streets, San Francisco)


  1. I can see why they'd be at that cafe. It looks adorable!

  2. alex, it is indeed very quaint. :)

  3. I think all cafes should be painted in such gorgeous colours.

  4. All your posts make me miss the bay area! I say it a lot but trust me, I think it even more :)

  5. annelise, i agree. the colors (and the flowers) are so lovely.

    elizabeth, awwww..i hope you can come and visit soon.

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