bits and pieces


I love this quote. Even though sometimes it might just be other way around for me, "when you realize how unperfect everything is..."

Today I went to Napa Valley to meet some friends who are visiting from out of town. On my way back, I missed an exit and ended up driving for more than 2 hours instead of the usual 45 minutes. Fun times.

Three days ago, I got two parking tickets. $65 a piece. OUCH.

And now for the good things:

I saw my first ever SF Giants baseball game last Tuesday night. We won. The stadium, overlooking the bay, is beyond beautiful. I took some photos here.

Meeting friends, old and new. Sharing good food and great conversation.

When a person that I love says he is really happy and I can see it.

A bookshop owner sold me this Anne Bronte novel for $1. She said, "its used and I can tell that you will really enjoy reading it". I promised her I will come back so we can talk about the book and the Bronte sisters.

Writing letters, looking at old travel photos, dreaming of places that I'd love to see.

How about you, what have you been up to lately?


  1. I love this post :)When I lived up North, I watched many giants game and miss it. I went to Napa for the first time last January and absolutely love it! Love all the good food too. I also laugh when things are not perfect :)

  2. I love weekends like this (minus the parking fines. Worst waste of money ever).

    I love meeting new friends, the ones you feel like you've known forever.

  3. I love bookshop owners, they are the best judges of character (pun intended) :)

  4. tammy, i didn't know you lived in northern california. when was this? and yes, napa is beautiful isn't it?

    annelise, parking tickets are the worst form of highway robbery in my opinion. *sigh*

    hila, they really are and i can't help but want to talk to them all the time. :)

  5. I have never read that quote before, but it is gorgeous! I love the photograph of it too.

  6. hi hannah,
    i looked up this quote and i believe the author is unknown, though its often attributed to Buddha. i'm glad you liked it!

    p.s. welcome and thanks for dropping by. :)