cheers! かんぱい!


Its official, I'm on summer break. 4 weeks, my dears...4 weeks. Short of jumping up and down (which is not good for my problematic knees), I haven't figured out what to do with myself yet. You see, there's a summer job that is sort of perfect for me but it fell through so now I've no real plans. I'm not worried though, its been a rough school year and I think I deserve this break and take care of myself.

So, in the spirit of this first day of my vacation, I'd like to share this awesome video of a Japanese shōchū, the Shiro Cheers System by Takahashi Shuzo. Its so lighthearted and it appeals to some of the things I love: a song from She & Him, dancing, hard-bound books, Polaroid, and other low-tech gadgets. I dare you not to smile while watching this video. I also took some screencaps of my favorite parts for you.  Enjoy!

Here's a toast to summer and taking it easy. Cheers! Kanpai! ♥


  1. I've just had four weeks off from uni and it's hard to know what to do with yourself! I let myself sleep in, schlep around in my pyjamas all day and go out every now and then. Very restful (I'm using the excuse that it's winter for the all-day pyjama fest!). At least with it being summer where you are, you'll be able to enjoy some sunshine!

  2. Oh, happy summer to you!

  3. annelise, that's a problem for me too when i have too much time in my hands, i tend to self-indulge and just stay in all day. but yeah, the sun is definitely a good motivation to be outdoors.

    madelene, thank you. and welcome to my little blog. :)

  4. ooo enjoy 4 weeks off! i'm just a teensy bit jealous :)

  5. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011

    How adorable! I'm in love with this cute video.

    Have an amazing summer Odessa! Enjoy all the outdoor activities, the popsicles and the warm sun.

    Camila Faria

  6. holly, thanks!

    SJ, haha. i just need to actually figure out what to do and i'm just being a bum so far.

    camila, thanks! i'm glad you liked the video.