journal scribbles, circa 2007

foggy sf

Last night I decided to read my old journal entries for the month of July. I only made it through 3 of them as I got distracted and started reading other entries and poems that I stashed away inside the pockets of my Moleskine notebooks. I found this, written exactly 4 years ago today and I thought I'd share it here.  Apparently I was taking more bus rides and reading the novel Atonement then.

Another bus ride through Chinatown.
Sign says "kneeling bus, zero emissions vehicle" -- what does that mean?
Bus driver says he'll work for 20 more years, he's already 42 now, so he'll be 62 then.
Says he'll buy a boat and spend the rest of his life in the ocean.
We pass by a car about to be towed on Stockton Street.
Bus driver points to the towing truck and says "that's where all the money goes.
More of that and you'll be like me, fat and broke."

* * *
Cafe in North Beach, underlined these lines from Atonement (p.7):
"...a moonlight dash through sleepy villages was one rhythmically emphatic sentence,
falling in love could be achieved in a single word - a glance."


  1. There's something quite Amelie-esque about your observations I think - they are very poetic - there's a nice rhythm. I've always meant to keep a diary, but I never manage to keep it up - I hate the spoiling of pristine notebooks too much to be a diarist I think.

  2. You're so naturally thoughtful even when you're observing the simplest of things. Love it!

  3. siubhan, thank you! i love amelie and i'm so flattered that my writing reminded you of the movie.

    litlover, thanks!

  4. omg i totally did this last night too!!! how wierd
    it can be uncomfortable sometimes for me to go through my old journal entries.... either they make me smile, or make me cringe at how my younger self was so stupid. hahahaha!

  5. I love getting a glimpse into other people's diaries - I've kept one most of my life. One of my assignments this year at school is about the year I spent in Ireland and has involved reading through what I wrote back then. It's so interesting to go over what I thought was so important each day.

  6. aron, i know what you mean. some of my old, old journal entries are either too silly or too whiny! i can't believe i wrote pages and pages about some boy or how i went on and on complaining about my family. they make for an entertaining read, that's for sure.

    anelise, yes. i love reading about what i was feeling and doing at a certain moment in time. which is also part of the reason why i have this blog, its like a virtual scrapbook/journal of sorts.