music monday: penny & the quarters


When I watched the movie Blue Valentine last year, I thought it was one of the best films I've ever seen but also the most depressing. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams' portrayal of a married couple slowly drifting apart was so brutally honest that I felt like I was being punched in the gut. I don't think I'll be watching it again any time soon but I do really love one of the songs from its soundtrack.

The song is You and Me by an unknown soul band called Penny & the Quarters. It is said to be an unreleased demo from the 70s and somehow ended up among other demo tapes in an estate sale in Columbus, Ohio. Not much is known about this song, the band, or its back story which makes it even more bittersweet. I love how its so simple and raw and it evokes a certain feeling of longing and hope, very much fitting for Dean and Cindy's story before they started to grow apart.

Oh, and the fact that Ryan Gosling picked this song might have something to do with it too. Because you know, I have such a mad crush on that boy (ha!). Have a listen below.

Penny & the Quarters :: You and Me


  1. Favorite post. EVER.

  2. dae, i had a feeling you'd like it. :D

  3. Oh I LOVED that movie even though it was so depressing. I had to sit and just cry it out as the credits were rolling. Thankfully A. already knew to expect that from me and gave me some time before we left the theater. It was just so real and hit a bit close.

    I loved the soundtrack too. Ryan did a great job there. Ha, after we left the movie we kept playing air ukelele and dancing all silly in the middle of the street :p

  4. dorkys, i had the exact opposite reaction as you. i was crying through the last 20 mins of it and i bolted right out of the theater -- didn't even wait for the credits to roll. my poor BFF had to run after me. thankfully he knows me too well and said we should get something to eat (and drink!). it hit too close to home for me too.

    and how wonderful that you guys were danced in the middle of the street! i swear Ryan can do no wrong in my eyes. :)

  5. I'm completely with you about the movie, the song and Ryan:)

  6. I finally just saw this film for the first time the other day and wondered who sung that song.....thanks!

  7. ryan is so hot....especially in that picture. this movie makes me's so sad

  8. AnonymousJuly 13, 2011

    Ooh, I still haven't seen this movie but I do really want to. What a perfect song to sum it up, though, in all of its bittersweetness.

  9. christine, i'm glad you're with me on this. esp the ryan part *grins sheepishly*

    sevenxmick, glad i could be of help. and thanks for dropping by!

    neehu, he is hot..isn't he?

    alexandrajean, i hope you'll get the chance to see it soon.