san francisco, i love you.






Some photos that I took with my Diana mini and disposable camera while picnicking at Chrissy Field. It was such a beautiful summer day. And pinwheels are really one of the best ways to put a smile on your face.

Also, my nieces and nephews are visiting from the East coast, all 4 of them! I'm excited to take them around the city tomorrow. I hope its also bright and sunny where you are. xo


  1. These pictures look amazing - I miss California so much!

  2. i would love to go back, it's such an amazing city, especially when the weather is beautiful like this.

  3. I really should get my hands on a disposable camera, especially if it meant photos like this. Film just has a whole different quality, doesn't it?

    San Fransisco is so high on my list of places to visit. Looking at pictures like these makes the desire even stronger.

  4. oh have fun with your nieces and nephews! I suspect I would love san francisco too.

    Odessa, I received the lovely package you sent me in the mail. My birthday's actually in a week, so this is quite a sweet birthday present :) Thank you so much, I don't know what to say, you're so sweet! Needless to say, I will be blogging about it sometime soon to say a proper thank you to you.


  5. I love the pinwheel picture!! It captured the movement- so pretty.

  6. uhhmmm would love to be there now :) so gorgeous !!!!

  7. rachel, thanks! come and visit.

    SJ, you should, i'd be happy to be your tour guide.

    annelise, yes. i'd highly recommend a disposable camera. its so easy and it takes grainy/dreamy photos.

    hila, glad you liked them! and that it came just in time for your birthday.

    tammy, thank you!

    sofia, would love for you to be here! :)