summer in the city


San Francisco summers are not your typical warm sunny days. It can be cold, foggy, and windy one day and sunny the next.  It also depends on where you are in the bay or even the city, sometimes I just need to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to feel the sun on my face.  Here are some photos that I took with my disposable camera over the weekend.  A bunch of us got together at Alamo Square for a picnic and barbeque at the park.  If there's one thing that San Franciscans love to do, its to eat and drink at parks at the first peek of the sun. 





P.S. How about you, what is the weather like in your part of the world?


  1. Summer here in Berlin has been cool and rainy and as much as I'm not missing the heat--a little more sun would be nice so I could enjoy the parks and things like picnics:)

  2. it's about 115 degrees here. i'd take a cold san francisco summer any day :)

  3. christine, hope the sun will come out your way so you can enjoy the outdoors! :)

    angela, eeep..115 degrees! i'm sorry. eat lots of ice cream. :)