all the city lights


At the corner of Broadway and Columbus Streets. There's a guy playing the cello underneath an installation of flying books. The entrance to Jack Kerouac's alley, downtown skyline, tourists walking in line clutching their guidebooks.

poetry room at city lights bookstore

At the poetry room, now I finally understand why they named this bookstore City Lights. To the left of the poet's chair, a sign that says Welcome. Have a seat and read a book. There's always a poem that knows exactly how your heart feels at any given moment.


  1. beautifully captured, my friend.

  2. I've always wanted to go to City Lights. Great choice of images!

  3. so pretty i love all the photos!

  4. Gorgeous Lights! Very well captured! :D I love it

  5. holly, thank you.

    christine, i hope you can come and visit this bookstore someday. its a magical place.

    tammy, thanks. i'm glad you liked them.

    raquel, thank you.

  6. Odessa, your pictures always brighten up my day. Beautiful. Breathtaking light.

    Camila Faria