however far away


First of all, thank you for all your messages and e-mails, they really mean a lot to me. This past couple of days were difficult, I'm not going to lie, but they were also some of the loveliest. I think that when your heart hurts, it also opens up so you can receive more deeply, and appreciate others in a way that you hadn't before.

When I was reading Murakami's The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, I underlined these lines:  
Probably someone should take this girl in his arms and hold her tight, I thought. Probably someone other than me.

I didn't know it at that time but it was as like a premonition of things to come. And true enough, it does seem as though the world has taken me in its arms. A sweet letter from a faraway friend telling me how much she enjoys reading my blog, a quiet evening spent inside a room full of poetry, a sunset photograph taken in Japan with a note that says "I rode my bike around town and thought of you", a phone call.

Last Sunday marked my fifth year here in San Francisco. We went to my favorite coffee shop along the coast. My cousin had a pair of concert tickets to see Adele but he was still in New York and couldn't make it in time so he offered them to me instead. The show was such a perfect way to spend my anniversary of moving to the city. And as she started singing this song, I couldn't help but tear up. Someone above knew exactly what I needed, gave it to me, and more.

Adele :: Love Song


  1. I hope everything is okay. I love SF, it's such a great city to be alone in if you have to be alone...

  2. Ouh I wish I could visit San Francisco someday...

  3. The universe has an interesting way sometimes of telling you it's looking out for you. Sorry to hear you've been having such a difficult time. Adele is definitely good for those painful moments. I hope you continue to have more healing thoughts and things done for you.

  4. i'm glad things are looking up for you :)

  5. I hope you are collecting yourself slowly and the pieces are coming together as they should. As you so nicely put it in your last comment on my blog, we all need some time for ourselves. Hang in there and try to just live it (easier to say than do, I know...).... And take care of you :)