last days of summer


Friends, I apologize for the radio silence over here. The beginning of a school year is always the busiest time for us. But things are looking up and I'm almost sure that I'll be back to my regular blog programming soon. I really miss you guys. Thank you all for the sweet messages, letters, and e-mails, they really mean so much to me. When I think about all the beautiful and kind souls that I met through this blog, I am deeply touched. Thank you so very much, my dears.

As a late summer gift, here are some film photos from an old disposable camera that I found while re-organizing my apartment. I squealed in delight when the pictures came out because I had forgotten that I even had the camera. These were taken 3 years ago in Monterey. I remember this day, I sat by the water for a long time, watching a pair of frolicking sea lions and writing poetry. Then I walked around taking photos while the rest of my family spent the afternoon inside the Monterey Aquarium. Its days like these that makes me really grateful that I live in California.






Funny thing about this last photo is that I don't even remember taking it. When I first saw this picture, I was so sure that the musicians were wax figures. But now I can't really tell anymore so I guess it will just remain a mystery.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the last few days of summer. I have more film photos to share in the next few days. Take care. xo


  1. How lovely! I have a couple of rolls of film in my closet and I have absolutely no idea when they're from or what they have on them. It's going to be so exciting to have them developed.

    The photos are fantastic, very summery. It's a real luxury to live by the coast.

    Good luck with the start of school!

  2. isn't that the wonderful thing about film? nice to have you back. it is absolutely pissing down and grey here in oxford... enjoy home for those of us without the california sunshine! :)

  3. These photos are just so, so beautiful...

  4. Oh wonderful photos! Sounds like a great summer day.

  5. annelise, indeed it was very exciting to anticipate how the pictures will turn out! its like having a time capsule of sorts. :)

    enia, thanks! glad that you liked them.

    rachel, thank you.

    raquel, yes it was. thanks!