my analog life


Hello friends! How have you been? I had my much-needed time offline and I am really grateful for it. The last few days were both peaceful and cathartic. I realized that its hard to undo a habit of fiddling with my phone and mindlessly browsing the internet but really the hardest part was getting out of the house (on time).

Learned that the only way to deal with a painful news is a good cry. And a long walk. Admitting to yourself that sometimes, there are no answers and you just need to go through it hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

And so today the real work begins. A new school year. Here we go.


  1. good to have you back,


  2. i think it's definitely a good thing to step away from the computer for a little while and reconnect with other things. with smarts phones etc, it can be really hard.

    hope you're ok and welcome back!

  3. sometimes, a break from the computer/internet is the best thing ever.

    agreed that a good cry is one of the most effective ways to deal with trials. hope all is well and things are looking up for you.

  4. Welcome back :)

    I agree, getting away from the internet is the best, despite how much I love it. My computer has been out of action this week and the mobile phone just isn't all that condusive to reading blogs and general mindless browsing.

    Hope everything is okay. A good cry every now and then is cathartic.