this room and everything in it


Today I went down the coast again and spent the afternoon at my favorite cafe by the sea. It was cold and foggy but bits of sun came through for awhile, making the light so beautifully misty I just had to take a photo. This is the view from where I was studying, a slice of homemade peach cobbler and coffee in hand.

I recommended the cobbler to an elderly man who stood in line next to me. Later he came to my table and told me how much he loved it, even went so far and said, I think I now owe you my life. If I was younger, I'd marry you. I explained to him that I didn't actually make the cobbler but he waved his hand as if to say it doesn't matter and said thank you again. He looked so sincere that I just had to smile.

The cafe closes at 6 but the lady who was volunteering today let me stay there for as long as I wanted while she cleaned up the kitchen. It was so lovely to have the place all to myself, staring at the ocean from the window. It made me think of my family all the way on the other side of the Pacific, of friends who are now teaching overseas, of the letters and postcards that I received from near and faraway places.

How grateful I am for all of this.


  1. such beautiful words :) wish I could have been there to share a slice of that cake :)

  2. wow what a gorgeous man :) sounds like a nice setting for studying!

  3. what a sweet story. adorable things like that never seem to happen to me.

  4. a beautiful post,


  5. what a wonderful slice of your life... thank you for sharing.

    p.s. and also what a wonderful man. if only most of us would be so free with our thoughts to one another...

  6. oh that's so lovely! i love it when you chat with a really nice stranger, it really makes my day!

  7. there's something about looking at a table filled with books and good food that fills me with so much anticipation. And such a well-written post - what a sweet story.

  8. Oh wow! Really nice! I'd like to go there and have a great time, like you had!

  9. sofia, come on over and let's have some cake! haha. but seriously, what i wouldn't give to spend a lovely afternoon with you, my friend.

    hannah, yes indeed. its perfect for studying or just people-watching.

    joy, thanks. and believe, it doesn't happen to me a lot either..haha.

    vibeke, thank you.

    enia, yes he is a sweetheart. and i guess when you're over 70 you really can say what you want to say. ;)

    SJ, i agree. having a good conversation with random strangers is one of life's simple pleasures.

    hila, thank you. i'm so glad you liked it.

    raquel, thanks. its special place indeed.

  10. that was so lovely of the lady to let you stay. ; ) such beautiful light, in this photo.