a beginning of something

late summer

Every once in awhile, a moment comes and you know that it will turn into something. A poem, a story, a picture in a frame, just a beginning of something. These moments are too few and too fleeting but when it comes, I recognize that I must grab it both hands. And so here it is, inspired by the same moment I took the photograph above.

* * *

Let's walk in the late summer light
Pretend just a moment ago our hearts
didn't break. Let's skip the main road
and find narrow alleys lined with colorful murals
Pretend the yellow daisies in a pretty vase
draped with beads mean nothing
but offerings along the wall.

Someone must have died here, you say.
And I look the other way
Pretend to stare at the neighbors'
terracotta roof. Is that a cat I see
lounging by the window?

Still, more questions:
How old was she when she died?
Did she like yellow daisies and ride
down the hill in a pink bike?

Did she follow the trail of sparkling dusts
the sun left behind?

* * *

It's been too long since I shared a poem-in-progress here and I miss it. I'm thinking that maybe I should challenge myself and start a daily practice of writing poetry again. The lovely Poet Mom is also planning to do the same for the month of September.

Anyone else feeling courageous to join us for a month of poeming?


  1. it feels soothing somehow, though i am not sure it should. and though i wish i could keep up that kind of motivation, i fear i am a lost cause when it comes to daily writing!

  2. snap, we did have the same idea, quite by accident :) I love it when that happens. Beautiful words, odessa. And thanks for that lovely email too.

  3. wow, you're a great writer.

  4. Loooovvvvvvvvvvvveeee your writing- and love the photo too!