dispatches from oregon coast





The coast was draped in fog for the most part of our trip. Every now and then we saw pockets of sunshine, a glimpse of the Pacific and its rugged cliffs. It was breathtaking.

Sunday morning we stopped by a farmer's market in a small coastal town. An old lady was playing her guitar and singing for the crowd. Across from her were sisters selling organic soaps and candles. When she started singing Moon River, one of the sisters said, "it would've been our father's birthday today and this was his favorite song."

Two drifters, off to see the world,
There's such a lot of world, to see.

Indeed if I had to pick a favorite moment from our trip, it would probably be that one. The pine scented morning air, eating freshly made quesadilla on a market bench, watching locals go by, taking it all in. Nothing out of the ordinary, really. But I guess this is what makes travel so special. Not just the sights or the photos that you take, but those little moments that catch you unaware with the wonder of it all.

P.S. I think Oregon has the tastiest berries.


  1. gorgeous photos, the coastline is stunning!

  2. what a wonderful little snippet of life. i can feel your happiness at it coming through. thank you for sharing...
    p.s. those berries! they look much better than those i had yesterday here in the uk... yet another reason to get out there :)

  3. I'd love to be in your shoes in these photos! sounds like heaven, and so relaxing.

    p.s. wonderful tote :)

  4. The fog makes the pictures so misterious and pretty! Love it! Those are some huge berries you got there. Amazing!

    Camila Faria

  5. It looks beautiful there!

  6. I love your view of the Oregon coast - sounds like you had a very peaceful and relaxing trip.

  7. lovely post as usual. I love the fog on the first photo :)

  8. sarah, thanks.

    maja, yes indeed. those berries are the sweetest.

    hila, you recognized the tote! :)
    i'm so in love with it.

    camila, yes, the fog makes it more dreamy.

    rachel, thanks.

    debbie, hello! i'm glad you liked it.

    ody, thank you. so nice to see you here again! :)