music monday: end of summer mixtape







Some more Oregon photos from my disposable camera, mostly taken while we were on the road. It took us about 11.5 hours to get to Southern Oregon on the coastal highway. We saw a lot of windmills, birds perched on telephone wires, mountains and sand dunes, and stopped by numerous gas stations. When it wasn't my turn to drive, I alternately stared at the changing sky and played with my new iPhone.

Road trips are not all fun and adventure, people can get tired and irritable but thankfully we got along well that being inside the car for hours on end wasn't too bad. Good music also helps. Which is why I made a mixtape for the trip, an ode to summer's end.

Have a listen to my mixtape here.

Tracks: Kings of Convenience (Homesick) / The Flaming Lips (Its Summertime) / Bon Iver (Skinny Love) / Belle and Sebastian (Asleep on a Sunbeam) / Camera Obscura (Honey in the Sun) / Josh Pyke (The Summer) / Beirut (Nantes) / Grizzly Bear (Two Weeks) / Lykke Li (I Follow Rivers) / Shugo Tokumaru (Parachutes)

Hope you enjoy!


  1. i LOVE your mixtape,
    thanks for sharing!:)


  2. Great mixtape Odessa. And a little sad (as the end of summer can be).

    Camila Faria

  3. beautiful!! I've never been to oregon but would love to go!

  4. that is a great mix tape!!
    and i love the photos of your town
    i have always wanted to visit oregon! my parents loved it there when they visited a while ago :-)

  5. i really like that one of you. and the mixtape was just what i needed to fill an empty house (a sunday morning in southern illinois).

  6. I'm hoping this mixtape will prepare me for the start of summer here in Australia :)

    I wish I was with you on the road trip!