where the heart breathes

a hairpin curve along highway 1

houses at dillon beach

A certain afternoon light, the kind that knows when to linger.

Lately --
I've been quiet sleep deprived. Running on caffeine. Though I don't mind the busyness as long as we get to keep our indian summer just a little longer.

I'm reading this book by Adrienne Rich. Taking film photos with a toy camera.  Watching this historical drama about the Qing Dynasty before going to sleep. There's something about period costumes and women who are ahead of their time that is so fascinating.

We are now starting to do pirouettes in my ballet class. I love the idea of it very much. But my execution, let's just say that I can barely do one without losing my balance.

What have you been doing on this first few days of autumn?

(Tomales Bay, August 2007. Photos taken by me)


  1. i love the light in those photos.

    while it's meant to be spring, it kind of feels like it's autumn thanks to the weird weather.

    i've been going to bed early, reading lots and getting excited about a trip to new zealand!

    hope you're well and things are looking up your way :)

  2. sarah, thank you. i am in love with the light in these photos too. ah..and a trip to new zealand sounds wonderful! can't wait to read all about it in your blog. :)

  3. *bookmarks the link for that drama*