making me happy


Taking photos with my old Polaroid camera and this film from The Impossible Project. My first shot is a chalkboard on my kitchen wall. Its overexposed but I like it anyway.

I've been practicing how to write kanji on this chalkboard. This kanji character means koufuku or happiness. I also started a little diary in Japanese. My entries are all short, something like "Today I went to the beach with a friend. I saw the sunset."

It's a very slow process, almost meditative, and I really enjoy it. Someday, I hope to read Japanese poetry without the English translation, especially haiku.

Other things that's making me happy lately:
Sunny days and wearing flip-flops in October
Committing to read Anna Karenina
Going to church for the first time in months
Making chai tea from scratch
Talking to my sisters on the phone
Dreams of travel

How about you, what's making you happy lately?


  1. aaah that sounds wonderfully. committing to something 'tough' and sticking it out. i might try to do the same...

    little moments with people recently. and running into an old lady and her old dog on my run and having a chat. small, everyday things seem to be happiness on these shores...

  2. Learning japanese must be super hard. But reading japanese poetry without translation must be priceless, so keep up the good work!

    Anna Karenina is one of my favorite russian novels, Tolstoy is amazing. But the way, I've always wanted to learn how to read russian, so I could read all the classics without translation.

    Camila Faria

  3. Your blog makes me happy :)

    Also, I like the food for thought about a diary in another language. I should do one in french for the written practice. My speaking is far, far above my writing abilities and I could use something like that!

  4. Anna Karenina definitely takes commitment but I was really glad that I finished it. Russian literature is rather heavy!

  5. I REALLY like that idea of your Japanese journal.

    *christmas lights in my room on dark rainy days
    *flipflops on non-dark non-rainy days, seconded
    *not missing my digital camera
    *a good long conversation with my best Ohioan

  6. maja, i love running into (and talking) to old people too! they are the sweetest, they have such interesting stories.

    camila, how wonderful! i also have a soft spot for russian writers (nabokov, dostoyevsky) and used to feel the same way about reading a novel in french...i know its very ambitious of me, but who knows? maybe someday.

    elizabeth, awwww...thank you. i'm glad you enjoy reading my blog. as for a french diary, you should totally do it! i'm having so much fun with my japanese one.

    sarah, yup. i've been putting it off for awhile now and yesterday i just decided that it's time to pick it up and tackle all 800+ pages. haha.

    holly, ah..i do still want you have a digital camera so you can post more photos (as they happen). i miss your weekly photo journals.