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A harvest party at the park. Friends, wine, and a game of mancala.

I am feeling under the weather these days, not quiet sure what ails me. Perhaps I just need sleep, less caffeine, and more exercise. And maybe I should take my vitamins too, while we're at it. I'm working on getting a regular sleeping routine, turning off my computer and putting my phone away at 11:00 really helps.

Still reading Anna Karenina before bedtime. I am now in the middle of Book 3 (the novel has 8 parts) and I'm completely fascinated by this world that they live in. Reading this book every night is like slowly getting to know (potential) friends and I have a feeling that I will really have a hard time saying goodbye to these characters.

How about you? How is October treating you so far?

P.S. Have a listen to one of my favorite bands, Little Joy. Hope you like it!

Little Joy :: Unattainable


  1. This is really cute.. I like it...

  2. i've just starting taking iron tablets because i was feeling a little flat. i'm hopeless though, i have a bad habit of forgetting to take them every morning!

  3. Iron can definitely be good, I second SJ. I'm working on the sleep-schedule thing right alongside you...