the sweetest gift





I thought I should take a trip down memory lane. Remember this scene? Could there be a sweeter gift to a book lover than her very own library? Yeah, I thought not. Which is probably the reason why Beauty and the Beast will always be special to me. It was also the first animated movie that I watched over and over again when I was little and nearly memorized every word of it.

And how cute was this moment at the library when Belle was reading aloud a chapter of Romeo and Juliet and he was just gazing adorably at her?


P.S. You can watch these library scenes here and here. (Prepare to swoon)


  1. one of the fave films around here (for Miss 3) for the last month. i always stop what i'm doing to watch that scene. lol

  2. I rewatched this movie last weekend, can you believe it? What a coincidence. Super lovely, I also adore the library scene.

    Camila Faria

  3. Agreed. What better way to steal a girl's heart than to give her a library. And he's so sheepish when he's giving it to her like he really wants her approval, it's so cute.

  4. That moment in the film definitely made a six year old me swoon! Forget the rose petals falling, it was love at first sight for me!

  5. monica, ah..your little one loves it too, how adorable! and also an excuse for you to re-watch. ;)

    camila, what a happy coincidence! reminds me of that time when we both got the diana mini camera around the same time.

    ari, that he was so shy about the whole thing. too adorable!

    harriet, the library scene is definitely swoon-worthy! in hindsight, i think this might have stolen my heart too.