the city in which i loved you

street art

Words and art on a barbed wire fence that I found while walking around today.
It made me think of this poem, especially these lines:

Where are you
in the cities in which I love you,
the cities daily risen to work and to money,
to the magnificent miles and the gold coasts?

Morning comes to this city vacant of you.
Pages and windows flare, and you are not there.
Someone sweeps his portion of sidewalk,
wakens the drunk, slumped like laundry,
and you are gone.

-- Li Young Lee, excerpt from the poem "The City In Which I Loved You"


  1. i highly cherish the book you gave
    me dear odessa, it is such beauty and power in the poetry...

    hope you are having a wonderful

  2. v, i'm glad you are enjoying the book. thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. wow, that looks fantastic. where is that?

    and, are you memorizing that one?

  4. hi odessa,
    you are my
    tea swap friend!


    i’m gonna enjoy your
    lovely space for a while,
    but over cardamon café
    au lait ..

    love, hannah

  5. I didn't know this poem, how beautiful. I love this:

    If I feel the night
    move to disclosures or crescendos,
    it’s only because I’m famished
    for meaning; the night
    merely dissolves.

    Camila Faria

  6. holly, i was somewhere around hayes valley but i can't remember the name of the street. i'll let you know when i find out. and no, i haven't tried to memorize it yet, maybe i should start with a shorter poem of his. :)

    hana, hello! thanks for dropping by and leaving a note. so excited for the tea swap. i'll be over at your blog soon.

    camila, that is indeed a wonderful line. i'm glad you liked the poem.