抱きしめて or dakishimete means hold me in Japanese. I'm supposed to be conjugating verbs and studying Kanji for my finals when this word took me on a tangent because I remembered that I heard it in a movie before. It was from the film adaptation of Murakami's novel Norwegian Wood (screencaps above).

I really like the character of Midori in the book and while the movie did not show the complexities of her personality, I thought that this moment was very well done. By saying hold me to the boy she loves, it conveyed both her vulnerability and strength, especially knowing that he is still thinking about someone else.

Here are more film scenes that came to mind when I think of the word dakishimete. Sometimes, a hug is more powerful than any gesture of affection and these images have stayed with me because of that. So indulge me while I revisit some of my favorite cinematic moments (and couples).


Our spring was wonderful but summer is over now and we missed out on autumn.

-- Francine, Paris, Je T'aime


I am holding Hana, who is hugging the letters.
-- Shin Jae Joon, Heaven's Postman

before sunset

I will try something. I want to see if you stay together or if you dissolve into molecules.
-- Celine, Before Sunset


Touch has a memory.
-- John Keats, Bright Star


I dream.
Awaken then.

-- Jane Eyre (2011)

P.S. Jane Eyre co-stars Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender were reunited last week during the screening of his new film and the photos are just precious. I think I need a fangirl moment (ha!). Have a look here.


  1. oh dear, fangirl moment for me too :) those photos of them together are so cute.

    what a delicious and beautiful post odessa.

  2. paris je t'aime is one of my favourite movies ever

  3. I think I need a hug after this post!

    Camila Faria

  4. hila, i had the feeling that you'd agree with those photos. :)

    raquel, i really love it, too.

    camila, *sending virtual hugs your way*