everyday cityscape by kumo san


I had a store credit from Amazon months ago, just enough to buy this Holga Superheadz toy camera who's name is Kumo San (I'm not kidding, they have names). Since then, Kumo has been a permanent fixture inside my bag. I just had the first roll of film developed and here's some of the photos we took while walking around the city.


Colorful houses along 26th Avenue.



At the weekend farmer's market.


I can see the ocean right outside our office when its not foggy.


Ah, how I long to sit here, my favorite spot at Ocean Beach, and sip hot cocoa whilst watching the water. Its been raining and freezing cold lately and a lot of our students are sick. I have been sneezing for days now and fighting a cold myself and it's not looking good. Thank goodness its a short week, Friday can't come soon enough.

How have you been lately?


  1. lucky girl with a holga of your own!

    works fabulously on certain shots.

  2. Oh lord, that last photo is beauty. I cannot believe you get to sit there and be you (not to mention to cocoa). Don't get me wrong, I love my 1am walks in rainy and cold Oxford, but I wouldn't mind switching places with you for a couple of days!

    Life is busy but good. I think that is a happy combo.

  3. I love the patina of film and you have a great eye so those two things are a winning combination in my book :)

    My word verification isn't as good as your last one :( Verpir.

  4. It's the most amazing thing, to walk around with a toy camera in our purse, isn't? You never know when you're going to find lovely things and places to shoot. Beautiful images Odessa!

    Camila Faria

  5. I love that last picture! Looks like a very nice place to relax.

  6. monica, thanks!

    maja, 1 am walks in the rain? whoa...i think i'd be up for that. but only once or twice, haha. i can't stand the cold.

    elizabeth, thank you.

    camilla, it really is. especially since they are so lightweight and simple.

    niina, thank you.