gratitudes and a cozy library




I found this very cozy and warmly-lit library yesterday afternoon on my way back to the city. The first thing I noticed from the outside are the tall bay windows and its beautiful light, inviting you to go in. I did and it was such a nice way to start my holiday.

The library is open Monday through Friday until 9 pm and even though I don't really come to Sausalito that often, I went ahead and got a library card. It makes me happy that I can come back here and sit on one of their cozy armchairs while looking at the bay. And if you go outside, up on the hill to their parking lot, you can see all the little boats in the water and how they slowly fade away at dusk. It was so beautiful.


So yes, I'm grateful for tall windows and quaint libraries that open late into the night. Other things I'm grateful for: phone calls from loved ones overseas, learning a foreign language, family and friends, toy cameras, ballet and half-pirouttes, inspiring teachers, driving in my car outside the city, mochi ice cream, writing an essay in Nihongo, coffee and tea. This little blog of mine and for you my lovelies, for coming to visit and leaving sweet and thoughtful messages. Sleeping in for the next few days (this tops the list!).

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! xo


  1. Oh, my. That library is beautiful. Our town's main library is housed in a building from the seventies, all ugly bricks and harsh fluroscent lighting. I would kill to find a library like this.

    Hope you're enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend. Obviously we don't have Thanksgiving in Australia but it sounds lovely to have a holiday that specifically makes you think what you are grateful for.

  2. annelise, thanks. it's a great holiday, especially because most of the shops are closed and everything slows down a notch, it does make you be quiet and reflect on things.

  3. Sausolito is so cute! I remember thinking that I would love to live there because the name is so cute (like to cookie), and also becuase it's a beautiful little area.