the kindness of strangers

Inside the F-trolley, along Pier 39 | camera: Diana Mini

Friends, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought we should share some gratitudes. I was inspired by this post by Holly, who got the idea from Sui.

It's pretty simple. I think most of us have met a stranger who has touched our lives in some way or another. Someone we had met while traveling perhaps, or in a waiting room, who made us smile or said something that brightened our day.  Let's share those stories and be inspired by the kindness of others.

Here are some of mine:

A couple of weeks ago, while I was browsing a video store that sells/rents foreign films, the elderly man who owns the shop tapped me on the shoulder and said something like, "I think you will love this", while handing me a DVD. Then he smiled and went back behind the counter. I was touched that he paid attention to the kind of movies that I like and that he cared enough to actually say something to me even though he can barely speak English.

I lost my wallet the day before I went home to the Philippines. It had all my IDs and credit cards but thankfully I still had my passport so I was able to travel.  When I came back 4 weeks later, a package was waiting for me and inside was my wallet and a note that said: "You dropped this at the coffee shop. I hope everything is still in here."

Last December, someone came up to me and gave me a ticket for The Nutcracker Ballet while I was lining up at the box office. You can read the story here.

Now its your turn. Leave a comment below or share a link to your blog. :)


  1. wow, restores you faith in people, even a wallet back!

    word verification!


  2. How sweet that old man sounds. And I always think it's incredible that people who find wallets don't clean them out even though it's something I would never even consider doing. I don't why know I assume that every other person out there would fleece a stray wallet!

    I will have to have a think about any random acts of kindness I've received lately. I tend to focus on the more negative which is no way to live!

    Have a lovely weekend. x

  3. monica, i know what you mean. word verification -- HAHA!

    annelise, yes he is very sweet. i felt bad that i didn't buy the DVD but i will get it next time. :)

    raquel, thanks.