music monday: mina tindle


Friends, meet Mina Tindle, a French artist whose songs are now playing on repeat on my iPod, at home, in my car - you get the picture. I've never been this excited over a new artist in a long time. And how enchanting is her video!

Madewell made this one of their "music to get ready to" and I agree. It makes for silly dancing and pirouettes in the kitchen whilst making your morning coffee.

Download her first EP on iTunes here. Enjoy!

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  1. so cute :)thanks for introducing me to her because I haven't yet heard of here. and oh my that first burgundy dress I was yesterday searching for one on those color tones on Etsy (with no success). xoxo sofia.

  2. seet. i see what you mean about wanting to pirouette around lol

  3. sofia, i am in love with that red dress too! and now i'm on a hunt, will let you know if i find something similar.

    monica, i'm glad you agree. :)

  4. great song:) and the video is so nice

  5. KAAM, welcome. and i'm glad you liked it :)