the place you are

bright star screencap


When it all stands clear you come to love
the place you are:
the bundle of bare sticks soaked
with resin

always, and never, a bush on fire
the blue sky without tale or text
and without meaning
the great swing of the horizontal circle

Miriam, Aaron, Moses
are somewhere else, marching
You learn to live without prophets
without legends
to live just where you are
your burning bush, your seven-branched candlestick
the ocotillo in bloom
-- Adrienne Rich, The Desert as Garden of Paradise


These scenes from Bright Star capture what I've been longing for lately, quietly doing something that I love without having to worry about getting things done or calling people back. I made a decision to do just that this weekend and I am so glad I did.

This is where I am right now, the place I need to be.

Screencaps from Bright Star (2009)


  1. these screencaps are wonderful. the movie was so magically filmed, that first picture if perfect too.. I might have to re-enact that somehow in a photograph.
    You make me want to watch the film again!

  2. that's wonderful that you allowed yourself that freedom of quietness.

    i'm so looking forward to watching this film.

    love that poem!

  3. That sounds like a beautiful way to spend a weekend. Good for you :)

  4. Wonderful Odessa! You'll my inspiration this week, I'd love to take the time to do things quietly. I'm also looking forward to watch this movie (but I have a few others first on my to-see list).

    Camila Faria

  5. hmm. that's a really interesting poem.

    and I love Bright Star...of course, always.

  6. holly, i know what you mean about the poem. the biblical references are interesting. i just like the whole feel of it, esp the last 3 lines.

  7. hannah, i just re-watched it this weekend and fell in love all over again.

    monica, i'm glad you liked it.

    heather, yes. i'm quiet proud of myself for not feeling guilty about it.

    camila, yes..go watch it! or move it to the top of your list. :)

  8. It´s funny I have saved almost the same screencaps as you :-) They are very powerful images. I did exactly what you were thinking last weekend and I feel alive again. I dedicated myself to most important things and did not rush. I hope you find those moments also amidst of everything.