quiet spaces

kindergarten classroom at 7:00 am

parkside library

I. Art center in our kindergarten class at 7am, before the kids came in.
II. Parkside Library, sitting by the windows where you can see the tall redwood trees outside. And all the world's beautiful language books within arm's reach.

We're at that time of the school year when EVERYONE is just exhausted and so ready for a break, counting the days 'till the next holiday. I'm taking in every little breathing space that I can get, thankful for quiet mornings and some time at the library stringing words together, or folding puffy origami stars.

What have you been up to lately? Also, because its Monday, here's a song for you. It's an old one but it brings happy thoughts, and I definitely need those right now.

Ingrid Michaelson :: You and I


  1. I could do with a quiet space now, I'm truly exhausted.

  2. Oh, I wish for the quietness in that first picture. And those books...paradise!

    Camila Faria

  3. that classroom looks enchanted. and parkside library's been one of my favorites since i can remember...i didn't know it had re-opened; that makes me happy.

  4. hila, was just over at your blog and saw that you did have your quiet space this weekend. hurray! :)

    camila, those books are really beautiful. even if i don't understand any of it. ha!

    holly, i think parkside opened early this year. can't remember. but its close to our main office so i pass by there a lot. as for the classroom, yes it looks magical in the morning...before the invasion of the little kiddos, then its not so much. ;)