the things we forget


This evening in ballet class, dancing with almost bare feet (I forgot to bring my ballet shoes), I felt emotionally lighter and lighter with each jump and turn. To be doing something so physically demanding and feel so at ease in your being at the same time, this definitely doesn't happen often and I am grateful for it.

Work, and life in general, has been trying my patience in the last week or so. Case in point: a parcel that I sent for a friend in the East Coast somehow unraveled along the way (how does that happen?) and when she received it some of items were already missing. And random unfortunate events like that you don't even know whether to laugh or cry at the absurdity of it all.

In a poem about going to the woods, Adrienne Rich started with the phrase, "difficult ordinary happiness." I copied this on a piece of paper and taped it on my journal.

It's true, isn't it? Finding something to be happy about in the mundane everyday things, especially if they are not going your way, is always the hardest.

Because there are some good things. Like the way light is reflected on the waves at this time of the year. Falling asleep to music in a language that you don't understand. A phone call from your best friend when you need him the most (and you wonder why he just knew). Hot cocoa and whipped cream. A bowl of spicy ramen and beer.

The thought of spring and cherry blossoms in a place that you love.


  1. oh how i love your thoughts/writing dear friend!: )


  2. I can't believe Odessa, I just went through something very similar. A dear friend send me a gift via snail mail, but I never received it. She even has de track number and the post office say that they delivered the package, but I never got anything. So sad!

    Anyway...It's always a pleasure to stop by your blog and read your lovely thoughts.

    Camila Faria

  3. Ops... "the" track number.

  4. I like this post very much, it feels spontaneous, yet mature and thoughtful. As I get older (every day) I seem to cherish everyday stuff more and more.

  5. vibeke, thank you.

    camila, ahhh..that really stings. especially if it has a tracking number and all. can they figure out who signed it? or is it a hopeless enterprise?

    niina, thanks.

  6. I love every word you wrote! Lovely thoughts...and I totally understand and feel the same way.

  7. Love this post, Odessa. Thank you for it.

  8. I'm trying to do the same odessa, and also generally trying not get stressed by things I have no control over. Can't say I'm perfect about it, but I'm getting there.

  9. lovely post, i love how you reflect on things.

  10. raquel, holly, hila, sarah -- thank you.