where the love light gleams


We had our holiday program at the Academy of Ballet yesterday. The students danced excerpts from The Nutcracker and songs from Bill Crosby's White Christmas.

As always, I got a little choked up watching the Pas de Duex. Tchaikovsky never fails to move me and seeing a pair of young dancers perform this piece is such a joy. You can also watch the Pas Des Duex performed by the Royal Ballet here.

Other things that made me happy lately:

My 2-day seminar in Sacramento. I stayed overnight in a hotel there and almost convinced myself that I was on vacation despite the long lectures and the fact that I had to write my students' progress reports at the end of each day.

Catching the The Crème Brûlée Cart in my neighborhood. The best $4 that you can spend on a cold, wintry evening!

Exchanging favorite book quotes with friends.

A choice of winter poems.

And one more week before my winter break. Yes, that's 5 working days!


  1. a Creme Brulee cart? oh my goodness that sounds amazing!

  2. Thanks for sharing the link to those wintry poems. And if there isn't a creme brulee cart in NYC already, one needs to be created STAT! Enjoy your week, dear!

  3. ooh, winter poems!

    and the ballet sounds great too :)

  4. sarah, it was. i got the banana nutella one and it was heavenly!

    dorkys, thanks! and yes, maybe there is one already in NYC. go find it!

    hila, enjoy the poems.