cold wind on my cheeks

trois couleurs - rouge

:: A week ago
I spent Sunday afternoon reading Zen poetry by the ocean. That night, there was a breaking news of a 6.8 earthquake in our island in the Philippines. I couldn't get a hold of my family because most of the phone lines were damaged. Another breaking news, a tsunami alert along the coastal areas. My family lives close to the sea and I could barely stop my hands from shaking while clutching my phone. All that peace and calm that I experienced watching the ocean earlier had turned into fear. How can it change so quickly? Finally, I was able to talk to my dad and he assured me that everyone is safe and well. Sometime after midnight, the tsunami warning was lifted.

:: Today
I cherish all the little reminders that I am alive. The cold winter wind stinging my cheeks as I walk to and from the laundromat. Listening to tourists speak in a language that I can't understand. Watching the movie Red from The Three Colors Trilogy, a perfect visual poetry if there is one. This song and its lyrics: I am alive, I am alive, and that is the best that I can do.

Image from the film Three Colors: Red (1994)


  1. oh my gosh. thankfully everything is alright for you and your family. god bless.

  2. what a relief. jeez louise.

  3. joy, thanks. and welcome, i'm glad you wandered over here.

    holly, i know. such a relief!