music monday: dreams of travel

Last weekend, while traveling on a train to Fresno, I kept thinking about the song from Wes Anderson's Hotel Chevalier. I saw this short film a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. And Where Do You Go To My Lovely was just the right song for the bittersweet mood of the story.

Listening to it evokes images of sitting in outdoor cafés or looking out from a balcony in Paris whilst sipping your morning coffee. It definitely made me long to travel abroad, pretend that the train I was riding for hours was headed somewhere else instead of Central California.

Have a listen to the song below:
Peter Sarstedt :: Where Do You Go To My Lovely

Komomo Cafe, Nagoya

There are a lot of places that I long to go but it's no secret that Japan is at the top of my list. I think this photo of a coffee shop in Nagoya speaks for itself. You know those fantasy movies where someone ends up jumping inside a photograph? I would probably choose to go inside this one. A small café in Japan, bicycle with a basket, handwritten signs -- this is so me.

And now its your turn to answer the same question.
Where do you go to my lovely, when you're alone in your bed?

Top image from Hotel Chevalier (2007). Watch the short film here.
Komomo Café photo by mloge via Flickr.


  1. Japan is at the top of my list too Odessa. So many beautiful cafés, such a beautiful way of life... Maybe someday.

    1. Camila, I hear you. I've talked about going to Japan for so long I really should start doing something about it. Someday soon.

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