paper hearts

origami heart

I love making origami. It is one of the first things that I do when I'm feeling stressed. I'm not sure why but the act of folding paper and making little things, over and over, is very soothing to me. One summer I even folded more than a thousand paper cranes and started giving them to my friends. And I probably have more than enough origami paper than I will ever use but I keep buying them anyway.

Last night I started making origami hearts by following this tutorial. It's pretty easy and I was very happy with how my hearts turned out. And the best thing is, it has a pocket! You can insert a note, a photo, or a small trinket and give it to your loved ones. I want to make more so I can tuck little poems inside. You can do it too, just follow these simple steps here.


Happy Valentine's Day, my friends! xxo


  1. this is so cute, I will try but I'm not really good at origami. Love the idea of the poem inside :)

  2. Oh gosh... I totally love your paper hearts! so cute and the paper is so lovely and girly!
    I truly admire those who can make origami... i'm terrible at it! :P

  3. it must have been one of your thousand cranes that you sent me! it's red, and within reach of where i am sitting now.

  4. So pretty. Did you ever read that book, A Thousand Paper Cranes? I remember having it read to the class in primary school and that it completely broke my heart.

  5. sofia, thank you. i hope your previous origami making experience won't stop you from trying again. it just takes a lot of practice. :)

    raquel, thanks! these prints are my favorites as well. you should try origami again, you never know it might come easy this time around. :)

    holly, yes! that must be one of the thousand. though i think i folded more. now i have 2 big boxes full of paper cranes.

    annelise, i haven't read that book but i've read the summary and yes, its such a sad story.