today's inspiration: ballet class

I found this old video of a French ballet class and fell in love with it. What a gorgeous studio! It made me wish that I had started taking ballet classes when I was young. But then again, I am just grateful that I can take adult ballet now. That I found something I love and still be able to do it.

How about you, what did you want to do when you were little? I'd love to hear your stories.


  1. Just as you, I wanted to dance; no regrets that I actually did so. I'm glad you took it up!

  2. i wanted to be a veterinarian! i soon realized that meant seeing sick animals every day and i'm too much of a baby haha.

  3. I took ballet classes when I was a kid, but unfortunately I stoped in my early teens. I loved to dance. Now I practice yoga and I kinda love it too.


  4. I most certainly did ballet, and I still do :)

  5. Bri, thanks for visiting and welcome. And yay for ballet lovers! :)

    Kelly, I can't be around sick animals too. It's too sad. Thanks for visiting!

    Camila, its the other way around for me. I used to practice yoga and now I don't anymore because classes are getting expensive and I'm too lazy to do it on my own. I really miss yoga though.

    Hila, ahhh..something else we have in common. :)