after the rain, spring.

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It was raining persistently for days here.  In my journal, I wrote:
Rain allows us to slow down and pay attention.
To the sound your rubber boots make while stomping in water puddles.
To the taste of green tea, the weight of a cup as your fingers curl around it for warmth.
To every word on a page, while you read and wait for your clothes to dry inside a laundromat.
To the smell of damp earth, after the rain.

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Explore: these lovely photographs by miki.
She took them with her Rolleiflex camera.
I really love the stillness of these images.

Happy first day of spring, my friends.

All images used with permission from miki*


  1. They are indeed lovely images.

    There's a beautifully melancholic song in Hebrew called 'After the Rain', your post reminded me of it :)

    1. hila, yes...rain does make you a tad melancholic doesn't it? in a good way. :)

  2. i do love the slowing down, withdrawing in, that rain provides.

  3. I'm wishing for a little rain over here... Love what you wrote on your journal.

    And Miki's photos are really stunning.

    1. thanks, Camila! yes, Miki's photos are great. glad you were able to check it out.

  4. Gorgeous words you wrote... ;)
    Lovely pics*

  5. Yes! "Rain allows us to slow down and pay attention."

    Recent autumn rains here have been enjoyed for this very reason. Walking about my local area, drinking in all that surrounds. I love seeing the gardens heavy and glossy. I love the smell of rain, of flowers that shout out to the nose. I love how clearing a long walk in the rain can be.