have a lovely weekend.


Five really good things this week:
Writing this post from a library by the ocean.
An ice cream shop a block away from this library.
4 p.m. and sunny, the sight of kids walking home from school.
My sisters embarking on their own adventures overseas.
One good pirouette after thousands of not-so-good ones.

I am thinking how there's so much truth to this quote. There were times this week when I was ready to pull my hair out and hide under the bedcovers and do absolutely nothing. But I am so glad I did do something. Little steps.

Have a lovely one, my friends. I hope you do something that you love this weekend. xo

Photo by me. Taken last summer in Bolinas, California.


  1. Odessa, could that be bliss ? Books and the ocean ??? I'm sure it is :)
    Definitely, that quote could also be perfect to describe my week, little steps yes little steps with tons of little steps we will make a big one :)
    Have a wonderful weekend too. xoxo Sofia

  2. what a beautiful place.
    and what a blissful treat to write near the ocean.

    hope you get some play this weekend.

  3. (Ortega? Polly Ann's? :D)

    i've never seen Bolinas any color but twilighty grey, it's hard to imagine...

    1. Yes, to both. Though I did not buy anything from Polly Ann's because I didn't bring enough cash and I was running late for an appointment.

      And Bolinas was so bright and sunny that day, just what I needed. :)

  4. What a beautiful calming post, happy weekend Odessa :)