spring break + a monday mixtape

Finally, spring break is here! I feel like the cat in this photo, excitedly trying to get my hands on every book that I want to read, every DVD that I want to see. Though to be honest, I can go without any of those right now and just catch up on my sleep.

Feb-March has been really rough for me. A couple of times I felt like my body was ready to fall apart from sheer exhaustion. When you work with children, its not like you can put your head down on your desk and not do anything for 15 minutes, you have to be on your feet pretty much the entire time and be energetic even if you feel so tired inside.

But here we are and I have the entire week to relax and make some big decisions. I am taking it easy on technology and the internet for the next few days so I probably won't be able to answer your emails right away. In the meantime, I made a mixtape that I wanted to share with you, all of these songs really helped me get through the rough days. I hope you will like it, too.

Listen to my mixtape here.

Tracks: Air (Alone in Kyoto) / Feist and Ben Gibbard (Train Song) / Sufjan Stevens (To Be Alone with You) / Mychael Danna (The Winner Is) / Iron & Wine (Flightless Bird, American Mouth) / Rufus Wainwright (Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk) / Au Revoir Simone (All or Nothing) / Lykke Li (Little Bit) / Local Natives (Sticky Thread) / Seabear (Lion Face Boy)

Also, I want to say thank you to Gillian for letting me use the photo above. I love her film photos, especially the ones she took in New Zealand. Check out her photography here.

Image credit: Gillian Lowyck


  1. Sounds like spring break has come along at the right time. I hope the time off rejuvenates and refreshes.

  2. Enjoy your Spring break! :D
    I love the mixtape you made! great songs*very relaxing!

  3. enjoy your break. get plenty of rest!

  4. So many gems in this mix! I hope your spring break has been restful. Don't let it fly by!

  5. I've been feeling more tired lately too and I just recently started doing yoga and it really helps me calm down and feel more energized. Enjoy your spring break- you deserve it!!