happy seventy-five, golden gate bridge!

happy 75th birthday, golden gate bridge!

Yesterday was the Golden Gate Bridge's 75th anniversary and we were there to celebrate. It culminated with a fireworks display that was nothing short of spectacular. Especially during the opening sequence when they turned off all the lights on the bridge and then all of a sudden there was a cascading waterfall of lights. So gorgeous!

Watch an awesome video of the fireworks here. I promise it is worth your time.

On a personal note, I thought about what the bridge means to me and felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. For its beauty, for the freedom that it represents, and for the way it comforts me. When I feel like I need to get away from my hectic city life, I often drive across the bridge to go to Marin or Sonoma and come back feeling like myself again. It takes me to faraway coasts, endless hiking trails, quaint little towns along the sea, lush vineyards. Most of all, it takes me back to the city that I love the most.

Photo taken by me, via iPhone Instagram


  1. I really didn't know this, so thanks for posting about it!

    1. you're welcome, hila. i'm happy to share this. it was such a celebration in the city. :)