don't dream its over


Its been 2 weeks since I got back from New York and I'm still trying to settle back to my routine. After days of constantly being surrounded by family and friends, it feels disconcerting to go back to my solitary ways again. It's funny because I'm always the one to crave my time alone and even prefer to travel by myself, but lately I've missing the constant chatter and craziness of doing things with the people close to me.

Or it could also be that I just miss the hustle and bustle of New York, its grittiness reminds me so much of the city where I grew up in Philippines. I spent most of the trip running all over the place (on very little sleep) and trying to cram as many things in a few days but it was strangely invigorating. I could definitely see myself living there, although I'm not sure if I can handle the winters because I am such a cold weather wuss.

I promised some New York stories, so here's one for you. On my way to JFK International Airport, my friend Neeha and I got off at the wrong subway station in Queens and ended up missing our shuttle. We were in a seedy part of town with no yellow taxis in sight and had no choice but to take one of those unmarked "gypsy" cabs parked by the station in order to catch my flight. It didn't occur to me how risky it was until we were already sitting inside his sedan and the driver was cutting through 3 lanes in a busy freeway. Neeha and I looked nervously at each other as if to say, "What were we thinking? He can take us anywhere (and other worst case scenarios)." Thankfully, we arrived safely at the airport but it was all we could do not to jump off the car as soon as we got there. Talk about scary!

Gypsy cab adventures aside, I really had a great time during my trip and can't wait to go back. It also made me realize how there's so many cities I want to visit and that I do need to travel more.

How about you, what have you been up to lately?

P.S. The post title is a nod to this song. I really like this version.


  1. Thank goodness you're safe and able to look back on that experience with some amusement :) And what a lovely picture! NYC is so beautiful in an urban sort of way - I think you described it best when you said it was 'gritty.'

    1. Maya, yes. Though I've read that gypsy cabs are very common around Brooklyn and Queens and that people take them all the time, but was indeed quiet an experience.