hello from nyc

new york public library

"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms."

I saw this epigraph on a sidewalk somewhere around the New York Public Library.  It is a line from Muriel Rukeyser's poetry book Speed of Darkness and I thought it very fitting for this city. I've only walked around for an afternoon and already saw so many stories happening all at once, it's so fascinating. Everyone seems to be walking with a purpose and although I initially felt overwhelmed by it all, I also felt inspired to sit somewhere and start writing down everything I see. I am definitely excited for more stories in the next couple of days.

I hope all is well with you.

Photo taken by me, via Instagram


  1. How exciting Odessa. I hope I can read some of those stories someday. Write away! :)

    1. Hi Camila! Yeah, I need to get cracking on those. :)

  2. How exciting Odessa, I wish I was there with you! I wonder what sort of stories New York will inspire within you ...