the high line

the high line, nyc

One of the things on my list to do in New York was to visit The High Line. I've heard so much about it from blogger friends who live in the city and it did not disappoint. In fact, walking along The High Line as well as the Brooklyn Bridge were some of my favorite parts of the trip.

The High Line is a public park built along an old elevated freight train line on the lower west side of Manhattan. I love how you can get the best of both worlds up there, all that nature and the chance to see the cityscape without the busy streets. I was really impressed by how clean the park is and how the plants were designed to grow along the old train tracks. Definitely my kind of urban oasis! Here are some photos from our walk, all taken by my talented friend Mai.





How beautiful are the gardens! My friend Wylla was especially smitten by these yellow ombre flowers. We talked to some of the gardeners there and found out that they are called foxtail lilies.  They also told us that most of the plants are perennials and were chosen for their diversity in blooms. Because of this, the gardens look different at certain days of the month or year.


the high line, nyc

Taking a break on the benches with Mai and Wylla. I went to college with these ladies and its been a long time since I last saw them in person but when we get together, its almost like we're 19 again, talking non-stop and laughing over the crazy things that we did "back then".  Although they're both married with kids now, some things just never change and yes, that includes giggling over celebrity crushes. Ha!

All images taken by Mai Comeros Demeterio. You can see the rest of the photos here.


  1. I love the High Line! You captured it well. I remember when it was being built and no one believed it could be a park with gardens.

  2. What a cool place! There's a little bit of urban and a little bit of nature... I love it and hope I can visit someday.

  3. It looks beautiful. Such an interesting use of urban space. I would love to visit.

  4. It looks like such a cool place! I love seeing urban spaces that incorporate a sense of distance and separation from the noise of city life.