light bound




This afternoon, while walking home from the library with a bag heavy with books, I started to feel a familiar lightness in my steps. It could be the anticipation of reading, of hours spent with some favorite classics (I'm rereading Gatsby and Persuasion), and I suddenly felt like dancing.

Our ballet teacher often says this before we start doing our jumps:  
Plant your feet down. You need to take root in order to fly.

Books, poetry, quiet walks. These are some my roots, the things that anchor me.

// Other things making me happy lately:
This Australian tv show
Video chats with my family
Listening to The Writer's Almanac
Kinfolk magazine, vol 4


  1. I was pretty much obsessed with dance academy for a period of three or four weeks...and then I ran out of episodes :) I hear they are making an american "version."

    1. yay, another fan! i am obsessed. literally marathoned season 1 and 2 in less than a week. haha. oh, and its now available on netflix. :)

  2. lovely thoughts.

    i am anchored by visual perspectives, the written word, Home, my child.