summer hours

summer loves

Without actually meaning to, I went to the ocean this evening. Just in time for sunset.

I found a little driftwood, slightly damp and perfect for me to sit on, stretch my legs and dig my toes in the sand, watching the water. There were only a handful of people on the beach and being there makes me feel like a member of this secret society of ocean lovers who knew just the right time to come, a little after 7 when most people have gone home and started eating their dinner. The summer light is most beautiful at this time of day and I already feel nostalgic for it.

That’s the thing about summers, they fill you with so many sundrenched memories its almost hard for the rest of the seasons to keep up. As I’m writing this, a jazz band is playing inside a coffee shop while the last rays of sun are streaming through the windows, a melody all too familiar that I started humming the words softly.

"Fly me to the moon, let me swing among the stars."

A little girl, I think she's about 3, is dancing to the music. Or more accurately, she sways her body side to side and spins until she's dizzy, then she sits on a nearby ledge, only to repeat it all over again. And the best part, she tries to sing along but the only song she knows is the alphabet song. So she sings "abcdefg" going all the way to u but she forgets the rest of the letters and shouts "uuuuu...u", her proud dad grinning broadly, while the rest of us watch their little family with smiles on our faces.

For a moment, it's as if we are not strangers but part of something bigger, mesmerized by music and one child's passionate abandon. And I'm reminded, once again, how joy can be so simple. So within reach.

Photo taken by me, via Instagram.


  1. beautifully put. it IS within reach.

  2. i was walking near the beach that very same evening. <3

  3. I love the beach after all the tourists have gone home. That low light is lovely. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

  4. ItadakimasUJuly 08, 2012