five things: soundtrack of your life


When I watched the Olympics closing ceremony last Sunday night, I realized that I was actually listening to a lot of British music when I was growing up. It made me a bit nostalgic for the music of my youth so I came up with this idea of writing the first 5 songs I can think of that made an impact in my life. I'm sure there are more songs I'd want to add to this list but I limited it to 5.


Baby I Love Your Way, Big Mountain (Reality Bites Soundtrack) // Listen here
This song will always hold a place in my heart. It represents my childhood, summer parties at the beach, watching MTV all day long (back when it was still cool to watch MTV), and the movie Reality Bites. Ah, high school in the mid-90s. I definitely miss the tv shows, we had some good ones back then. Anyone else remember Felicity or My So-Called Life?


Back for Good - Take That // Listen here
Full disclosure: I used to be a boy band junkie. Yup, I was either listening to boy bands or suicidal music as a teenager. And one of my favorites was the British group Take That. In fact, I might have shed a tear when they disbanded AND when I learned that they were reunited. Watch their comeback performance with Robbie Williams, I think they are getting better with age. I was definitely grinning like a proud fangirl when they performed the final song of the Olympics.


Let Go - Imogen Heap // Listen here
I love everything Imogen Heap sings but this song really saved me. I remembered back when I was still in L.A. and I was at my all-time low that I even called my mother and told her that I just want to go home, I'd play this over and over again and focused on her words. "Let go, let go. It's alright. There's beauty in the breakdown." (Full lyrics)


Heartbeats - José González // Listen here
Summer of 2007, I took my first writing class, attended my first poetry festival, and felt so deeply in love with the writing life again. I saw this video of Heartbeats and almost cried because it described how I felt perfectly. Like my heart was everywhere, scattered all over San Francisco and I was so genuinely happy. Also, a blogger friend met José González at a party and said that he was so nice and shy almost, and I don't know, it just makes you love him even more.


Skinny Love - Bon Iver // Listen here
"Come on skinny love, just last the year." -- How beautiful and heartbreaking is this song? When I heard it for the first time, something about it just felt so raw that I was completely mesmerized and must have played it at least 20 times in a row.  And no matter how many times I listen to it or wonder about the meaning, it still gets me each and every time.

So, how about you, what are your 5 songs? Share in the comment below.

// Top photo of The Beatles. I can't pick just one song of them so I decided to share a photo.
// Image source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


  1. oh man, YES -- i remember once skipping class for no purpose other than to listen to "skinny love" on repeat.

    i'm going to do this quickly so i don't overthink...

    "romance in f minor, op. 118, no. 5" (brahms)
    "silent sigh" - badly drawn boy
    "tell me what to swallow" - crystal castles
    "coffee and cigarettes" - augustana
    "apply" - glasser

    1. Holly, I'd skip class for "Skinny Love" too. If I was still in school, that is. :)

      Oh...Augustana! I remember I fell in love with them when I saw this video.
      And Dan Layus is hot. Just sayin'.

      I'd definitely check out the others. Thanks for the intro.

  2. Let Go and Heartbeats (both the original by The Knife and Jose Gonzalez's version) are on the SOUNDTRACK TO MY LIFE list.

    Right now though, I have to say it's Sunday by Hurts, Lonely Hands by Angus & Julia Stone, I Loved You by Casker (can never go wrong with South Korean electronica), Make A Plan To Love Me by Bright Eyes and White Foxes - Susanne Sundfor.

    1. Amelia, high fives! I haven't heard of The Knife's version but I adore this song.

      As for your 5, I'm only familiar with Angus and Julia Stone but would love to look up the other songs. Curious about Casker, I quiet love Korean and Japanese indie music.

  3. This is a great idea! I too have lived a life of British music. This is too hard to pick just 5! There's probably a song a year.

    1 - Painted Black - Rolling Stones. My brothers and I were all really enamored with that song when we were little.
    2 - Help/Hard Days Night album - Beatles. I listened to the whole thing over and over when I discovered the Beatles in fourth grade. Everyone else said, where have you been! haha
    3 - Spanish Bombs - Clash. I had a year in college where I only listened to the Clash. I was getting politically fired up too.
    4 - Inside Blast - Circulatory System. I saw them live in college and fell in love with this song and the cello.
    5 - Waterloo Sunset - Kinks. When I was leaving home and moving out of the country this song for some reason was always on my stereo so I remember that time with it.
    6 - Ocean - John Butler. In the last couple of years, this song has come to define things.

    Thanks Odessa, great idea. And I love your picks!

    1. Hi Missy! Thanks for sharing your faves. And for reminding me how much I love "John Butler Trio". I love your picks, too! :)

  4. I remember when 'Back for Good' by Take That was played at every single party and 'disco' I went to when I was younger :) Ah, that does bring back memories.

    1. Hila, same here. 'Back for Good' was played EVERYWHERE when I was in my early teens and it sort of became the unofficial song for all the unrequited loves and break-ups. ;P