lunar new year



These photos were taken from my walk around the neighborhood yesterday. We had the day off for Lunar New Year and it seemed like the first in a long time that I felt so relaxed and free for an entire day. It was so good to be outside again, not thinking about a to-do list or trying to be somewhere at a certain time. It reminded me of those days when I first moved here, when I'd go around wandering with no plan in mind, taking pictures, sitting down whenever I feel like it, sometimes scribbling on a piece of paper, but mostly just walking and taking it all in - the people, the hills, the snippets of overheard conversations.

There wasn't a lot of people around yesterday so it seemed perfectly fine to walk with my journal in hand and read some poetry out loud. I saw construction workers on their lunch break (they smiled and said hola, I said hola back) and ran into a former colleague whom I haven't seen in years. We chatted for a bit and I cooed over his beautiful baby. It's funny how you never picture certain people outside of work and suddenly you see them somewhere else and you're caught off guard at how different they look.

Much, much later during the night, I thought about the first weeks of 2013, how kind and gentle this year has been so far, and how I hope to keep it this way. It's not easy breezy, nothing ever is, but I am making choices and looking ahead. The words that I wrote at the back of a postcard in December: here in this ocean scene / where I re-arrange my dreams once / again.

Big hugs, my friends.


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