sunday evening


Kelly Street, Half Moon Bay

I love spending Sundays in this coastside city, with the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other. Yesterday evening the mountains appeared so much closer than they actually were, the moon is almost full, and I couldn't resist pulling over and snapping this photo. I wondered briefly about the people who live in these quiet houses. How do spend this time of the day, do they go about their errands and getting ready for the week ahead, or are they like me, daydreaming while watching the waves crash in the distance?

The voice of young Bruce Springsteen on my mp3 player and I sing along while driving.
"Everybody's got a hungry heart. Everybody needs a place to rest. 
Everybody wants to have a home." (listen here)

I'm writing stories again. Actually, it's more like I take mental pictures of people and places, moments and overheard conversations that I tuck away in my mind. Like the girl sitting next to me at the breakfast bar in Berkeley, brown wavy hair and oversized sweater, pouring over a reading with her multiple highlighters. Her boyfriend, who works at the restaurant, kept stealing glances at her and at one point he came over and introduced their young and handsome chef. I had to smile at how candid and open they all were and decided that I want to create that day at the breakfast joint in full detail, give them names and fictional lives.

A part of me, the one who keeps procrastinating and doubting, is afraid that I'll never put it all together on paper. That I will just keep on dabbling with these rough sketches and that's all they'll ever be. At the same time, it's rather exciting to think of the possibilities, all these characters and their imagined stories coming to life on a written page.


  1. i understand that fearful part so well, odessa. *hugs* i'm glad it doesn't overpower the excitement of creation and possibility.

  2. i enjoyed reading your day dream story.
    being surrounded by such a tranquility
    ...such a dream. wish i could have
    sit and look at the moon and inhale
    fresh air with you.
    thanks for the photo and story.

    1. coco, i'm glad you liked it. thank you. :)

  3. That sounds like an amazing scenario. I could close my eyes and imagine it so clearly. You should truly write this down.

    1. amelia, i already did. thanks! :)