books and INFPs


Yesterday was the 60th Anniversary celebration of City Lights Books and I was surprised at how emotional I felt about it. Yes, it is true that my initial exploration (read: getting lost) around North Beach and finding City Lights for the first time was one of the reasons why I decided to move to San Francisco, but over the years I've already found other book spaces to love and spend hours in. And yet there I was, clutching the goodie bag that they gave us, walking up to the Poetry Room upstairs and feeling a sudden lump in my throat.

For me, this bookstore represents history, the power of words, the legacy of the Beat Generation, and on a more personal level, it is also one of the very first places that I felt really at home. I know it may sound strange to feel that way about a bookstore but it's true. There's a certain magic in the air when I came here for the first time and I recognized it instantly. It also warms my heart that in this era of digital books, an independent bookstore is still thriving and very much alive.

Speaking of books, the subject of Myers-Briggs personality types came up lately and while I'm often skeptical about these tests, I do believe that I am an INFP through and through so I started laughing when I read in a blog that one way to attract an INFP is to "know your literature". Come to think of it, every INFP that I know is a bookworm. And except for my friend Mai, whom I've known since high school, I met all of my INFP friends through blogging (most probably talking about books and literature). Isn't that interesting?

Which brings me to a little experiment. Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test and if so, which type are you? Here is an online test if you like to take it and share your results. I'm curious how many of you are introverts and/or book lovers.


  1. I also feel at home in bookstores. When I am stressed I usually go to a bookstore and spend some time there just browsing books.

    I am an INFJ, but still good literature talk make me swoon.

  2. I love City Lights. The atmosphere is great in there, but the history of those grounds always puts me in a state of awe when I'm there!
    My results for MB test were INFJ. My bf and I did an experiment and answered the questions for each other. The results were so different! It's interesting the gap between the way you feel yourself to be and the way others perceive you, especially those closest to you. He thought I was ESFJ, almost completely opposite. haha. So surprising. Curious if people closest to you also think you would be a INFP.

  3. ooh, I may take this test now :)

    I completely understand your emotion here, as I feel the same about certain books and bookstores. They do become part of our lives, so it makes sense.

  4. Big thanks to you Amelia, Missy, and Hila for participating. :)

  5. AnonymousJuly 04, 2013

    I'm an INFP too! and yes, to support your theory, I'm also a bookworm. I love the MB test, it always makes me think twice about myself.


    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for dropping by. And yay, another book-loving INFP. :)

  6. i'm usually exactly on the line between an INTP and an INFP.