dusk, lake tahoe



Some disposable photos from my last visit to North Lake Tahoe.

I've been listening to spoken poetry these days. I downloaded the iF Poems and The Love Book app on my phone so I can listen to classic poetry whenever I want to. The selection of poems in these apps are great, some are read by well-known British actors, and you can even record your own voice reading poetry.

And let's face it, how can one not help but swoon over John Keats' Bright Star? Especially if it's read by the oh-so-dashing Tom Hiddleston? I certainly can't. In fact, I can probably recite this one in my sleep by now. Have a listen here.


  1. Tom Hiddleston is currently my favorite human being and this just adds to my love for him.

    Your photos have such an ethereal feel... I love them!

    1. Amelia, me too! Isn't he ridiculous? I just want him to stop being so awesome. He's basically ruining my life, in the most beautiful way. ;)