sand dunes

Sand dunes

sand dunes

sand dunes

sand dunes

Late Autumn, Winter, Early Spring

I've sat in this same spot through the years, watching the ocean, sometimes squinting at the sun, or shivering in the cold. Most of the time, I come here when I am overwhelmed, when the daily grind is too much to bear, I take my shoes off and dig my toes in the sand, leaving all my worries behind. My heart feels at home here, with the shifting sand dunes.

Have a listen to this lovely piece by The Cinematic Orchestra.

good days


Uitwaaien is a Dutch word which means to take a brief break in the countryside to clear one's head. It literally translates as “to take a walk in the wind.” (Pronounced as out-vye-in)

I don't know about you guys but uitwaaien sounds really good right now. I had a terrible last few days, one that started with me crying at a train station in the rain, to spending Thursday evening inside a friend's car while we drove around a couple of blocks because it was too cold and I couldn't remember where I had parked my car.

I kept reminding myself to just let go, there will always be people who will treat others badly, and I can't do anything about that. To focus on gratitude and what brings me joy instead.

Spending time by the ocean, climbing up and down sand dunes, whilst watching the last of the sun disappear on the horizon. Hanging out next to a little greenhouse, thinking about my mom, and how much I miss her rooftop garden filled with all kinds of tropical plants. Taking inspiration from Jane Eyre, and these lines.

One of my best friends sending a hilarious photo of someone we both love, with a subject line that says: "To get through a sucky day, you just need to grasp at anything that can make you smile."

And some days, it works.