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“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?”― Oscar Wilde

Tonight, the moon is full and beautiful. My fingers are tired and stiff, having written letters in the last couple of hours, letters that are now on their way to dear friends, both near and far.

I'm moving in three weeks, and it's also the end of our school year, so life couldn't be more hectic. But there's something about packing your personal belongings that is very solitary and cathartic, and despite this fear I have that I'll never be able to finish everything, there's also a quiet joy that comes from finding notes tucked in books, dresses I haven't worn in awhile, tickets from favorite shows, old Polaroid photos, almost 7 years worth of memories. And the realization that despite all its difficulties, my life is indeed filled with goodness, and wonderful people, and that I am free to do the things that I love.

And then, I am finally going home, to the Philippines, for two months. I can't be too excited yet since I still have so much to do before then, but TWO MONTHS!!! I haven't been home in years, so I think that deserves exclamation points. And I'm so looking forward to spending time with my family, and breathe the tropical sea breeze of the islands.

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  1. Hi Odessa, how's life lately sweetie? Are you in the Philippines right now? I hope you're enjoying your days with your family. Hope to hear from you soon. : )